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God Hunger

We See

  • People who are hungry for God, desiring to connect more intensely with Him in worship, prayer & His Word.

  • People who are passionate about Jesus and faithfully following Him daily.

  • People who are able to hear God’s voice and whole-heartedly give him or herself to bring God’s purposes to pass.

  • Worship meetings so charged with the power of God’s presence that people fall to their faces in adoration of Him.


We See

  • People who have come to hate sin and impurity but love the sinner and have given themselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

  • The Body of Christ arising on the earth without spot or wrinkle becoming the Bride that Jesus is coming back for.

  • People who love what God loves and are grieved by what grieves His heart.

  • People who are transformed as they encounter God through forgiveness of sin, healing, deliverance, and restoration.


We See

  • People who Love God with all their heart, soul, mind & strength and their neighbor as themselves.

  • People responding to the needs of others as soon as the need is made known without waiting for others to volunteer.

  • People who are quick to assist and encourage new believers in the Lord and mentor them as they follow Christ.


We See

  • A team of Intercessors and Armor bearers who intercede for the leaders, people, and outreaches of this ministry.

  • People who know what it means to war in the Spirit; People who are disciplined, prepared, committed and involved in spiritual warfare.

  • People who say, pray and understand the words “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”.


We See

  • We see people who are developing Christian character and functioning in the gifts God has given them.

  • We see families in order, with husbands loving their wives and training their children in the ways of God – Where wives respect their husbands and children honor their parents and fear God.

  • We see people who are given to excellence in their employment, giftings, and everything they do and bring the dominion of Christ into every field of endeavor.

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