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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Miracles. What are they? A miracle is something that no human being can do. By definition, a miracle is something that only God is capable of.

When water was turned into wine, that was a miracle.

When a lame man who never walked a step in his life went walking, and leaping and praising God, that was a miracle.

When a man who had been born blind was touched by the hand of Jesus and saw for the first time, that was a miracle.

When a man named Lazarus lay dead for 4 days in a tomb and Jesus said, "Lazarus, come forth", THAT was a miracle.

Miracles are real. Miracles happen...STILL!

When considering miracles, one will eventually be introduced to Jesus. That's because He was the one who performed all the above mentioned miracles. In fact, His coming to this earth was a miracle. We are told in Isaiah 7:14, "Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel."

According to natural law, virgins don't give birth. Yet, over 700 years before Mary gave birth to Jesus, God spoke through His prophet Isaiah to declare it would, in fact, happen. And it did!

When we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate a miracle. The birth of Jesus was a miracle. The work He did BEFORE the cross was filled with miracles because no human being can do what Jesus did without divine empowerment.

The work Jesus did while on the cross was a miracle. While shedding his own blood for our sins, He provided forgiveness to all who will receive it, which is something no human being can do.

Miracles still happen if you believe. If you've never seen the movie, "Miracles From Heaven", I highly recommend it. It is based off of the real-life story of Annabel Beam who struggled with a physical illness for 4 and half years. The parents' faith was tested in so many ways, yet God performed a miracle through an event that would appear to be a tragedy. I won't ruin the movie for you by telling you what happens, but suffice it to say that everyone familiar with Annabel's condition will confirm that a miracle happened.

If your faith is being tested right now, know that miracles are real. Miracles still occur. God is still in the miracle business. Reach out to Him and let Him be the Miracle you need.

By the way, we're showing the movie "Miracles From Heaven" tonight at 6:30 at the church.

Pastor David Drew

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